Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Stupidity And Hatred Have Won The Day

Now there are two possibilities that will have the majority chance of how this plays out. And from my view it's a coin toss as to which it will be.

Either he plays to his worst sensibilities and Congress thwarts him in almost open institutional warfare; whereupon he tries to go around Congress by whatever means he can concoct. Or he tempers his own proclivity towards unbelievable excess and tries to push an agenda only partly crazy. Which will, even if Congress remains only as deadlocked as it is now, still thwart him.

The big question then will be what he does from both the policies he tries to push forward, as well as from outright executive order. One can only hope that reactions from both our own markets, with the rest of the world, as well as outright opposition at home, will serve to put at least some restraint on him. But in the end, who can say? That's the problem with putting your faith into a sociopath who jumps from one whim to another.

As someone who has advocated for real change for a long time it is always tempting to see an agent of chaos as the catalyst of last resort to make what will fail eventually do so sooner rather than later. I can assure you, however, that this is not the means to change that would ever want to see made manifest. Nor would any sane person who understands what the reality of that kind of change would entail; the kinds of violence and suffering that revolutions of collapse have always wrought. The kind of change where having the physical, and mental, wherewithal to effect the institution of something better would become virtually impossible. Which is why I have never given into the "Let it Burn" mentality of those who have come to see our materialistic, polluting, or even sinful if you like, ways as deserving of cataclysmic retribution.

As I have said many times before, deservings got nothing to do with it. All that really matters is what we choose to do, or not do, to give us the best hope of desirable outcomes, even with chance, and the inertia of history, and ingrained institutions.

As we go forward now it will require a lot of work to keep a sense of hope as we wait on the judgement of "time will tell."