Friday, November 18, 2016

Stand By For More Supply Side BS...

...And government, both state and national, without the resources to do basic services. That is what you can expect as Mr. Trump prepares to take office.

What this boils down to is corporations able to do more profit wise, but without any regard to working americans being able to spend any more; which is, of course, the down side when you ignore the demand side of things here. You couple that with government increasingly unable to do basic services... You know, like make sure your drinking water isn't contaminated with lead. Or consumer protection agencies aren't able to watch for products that will either severely sicken you, or outright kill you. Or education forced to hand over more schooling to the charter schools ordinary working folks can't afford. Or the undermining of established programs like Social Security, and Medicare (which working folks in the past supported because they were promised to receive when their turn to need it came around). Just to name few of the more prominent areas of concern.

I know that a lot of you have real concern about the efficiency of government tasked to do much of anything. As a Libertarian Socialist I share a good portion of those concerns. Government's tendency to bog down within the inter workings of bureaucracy are well established. The problem is government is the only counterbalance we have to corporate power, and accumulated capital. And unless you're willing to talk about starting over as far as what we have for an economic operating system, then, as a practical matter, there's an inherent limit to how much you can apply understandable Libertarian ideals.

Interestingly enough, if one were to give serious consideration to the alternative model for an operating system that I have proposed, you would see a great deal more in the application of those ideals. This would be so automatically not only because the power of capital would be removed, but also because we would be in direct control, community to community, of how things were initiated and managed. Just as we would be responsible for making our own end use items to meet our personal needs.

In any case, though, those of you who voted for Mr. Trump better prepare yourselves for a great deal more disappointment than what we Liberals and Progressives felt when Obama short changed us on the majority of the things he promised. Not only are you not going to get what he promised, you are likely to get an economy made worse. Much worse.

A good deal of that will depend on just how much he is able to both screw with world trade agreements (which I did not support, but again, if you stay with Capitalism, those are the things that make capital happy), and piss off all of our current allies, as well as those who are already at odds with us. Only time will tell there.

The bottom line here is that you have placed upon yourselves the epitome of that famous Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times." Boy are you going to get interesting in spades.

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