Friday, June 3, 2016

The Political Cowardice of Republicans

All of them know just what piece of bad news Trump is. They've all said so, and more than once in most cases, with language that is anything but not emphatically negative. The way Trump says one crazy thing one day, and something contradictory the next, with a whole lot of lies in between, how could it be otherwise. However much you may dislike Clinton, her Democratic version of Republican light is far and away more tolerable to the nation's real interests than Trump's pure insanity. Even Sanders would be better than Trump from a Republican view, if for no other reason than they could be confident that they, and enough Democrats, would block any of his really Socialist desires (even if they would be a better deal for the rest of us).

With Ryan, as the last, most visible holdout, finally falling in line, however, we see that none of them have the stomach for taking real stand on principles; fearing as they do that stepping out of the party line will remove them from some kind of party credibility. How they can do that without throwing up, given the lack of credibility this monster they created has, is just something way beyond astonishing to behold. And the really funny thing here is that, come some time down the road, whether Trump wins the Presidency or not, there will be a backlash. Whether it's from the immediate Congressional trouncing they will get in losing existing majorities, or the inevitable buyer's remorse after a disastrous Trump Presidency, it will come. And after that it will be those who can say that they didn't blindly follow, lemming like, over the Trump precipice, that will have the ability to start making a Republican comeback; at least if the remaining Republican rank and file have any sense left at all.

Time will tell I guess.

Analysis: Paul Ryan Backs Down — It's Donald Trump's Party Now