Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Here is Where You See Who Trump Really is...

...And how he stands for anything but quality or substance.  From the article linked below:

"...Trump University salespeople were instructed to play to peoples' emotions and suggest that potential customers rely heavily on credit card debt or retirement funds to pay for the classes, according to documents unsealed by a federal judge Tuesday.
"You don't sell products, benefits or solutions — you sell feelings," Trump University salespeople were counseled.
Another document related to a lawsuit against the for-profit university advises: "This sales process is based on managing the emotions of the client by focusing on the psychology of the sale. The metaphor we use for this process is the Roller Coaster of emotions."
Those marked just a portion of the tips and tricks outlined in the Trump University "playbooks," manuals that comprised the bulk of the nearly 400 pages released by Southern California District Judge Gonzalo Curiel's order..."
And if you think he sells his candidacy any different than anything else he sells I'm sure he has a few bridges around the country he'd be willing to sell you as well.

Court Documents Reveal How Trump University Staffers Sold the Brand

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More than 400 pages of released Trump University files describe how staff should target financial weaknesses to sell high-priced real estate courses.