Monday, June 6, 2016

By Trump's Own "Logic..."

How can he, as a rich man, not be biased when it comes to not only money in general, but everything to do with his money, the people of money he works with to get more money, and all of the interests that make getting a lot more money possible?

And yet he is able to sell all of his working class Trump Chumps on the notion that he will occupy the nation's highest office with the interests of working people as a priority.

Isn't it also interesting that anybody who opposes him is a "hater." Whereas anything he does is truth personified. And perhaps that is the the larger takeaway we should consider here: That he is a hater of any truth not the product of his own selfishly deluded mind.

He's building a wall alright. A wall between himself and the rest of reality.

Donald Trump: 'It's Possible' a Muslim Judge Would Be Biased