Friday, February 13, 2015

What is really being delivered in this insane push for the lowest cost

This post was prompted by the Alternet article linked from Salon below.

 The Postal Service may well be an anachronism mired in contradictions, as well as bureaucratic bloat, but that does not change the fact that Amazon is an evil company. They are so because they are not only a great poster child for "Robber Baronism;" either buying up or out bullying the competition; they have also turned the dehumanization of their employees into an art form. All on the alter of "Lower Cost." 

I live in the Puget Sound region and have a very clear grasp of the economic footprint they displace. And despite the fact that their employment represents a significant chunk of overall economic health, I stopped buying anything from them some time ago. Just as I do not purchase from Wall Mart.

And let me just add that this has not been easy as I now live on SSI. 

I do this because I would rather pay more for an item so that the people involved in making that item available to me are more likely to garner a living wage for their efforts. This is just simple morality to me. I only wish it were so for a great many more.

Amazon is killing your mailman: Why its Sunday service is a labor travesty