Thursday, February 19, 2015

The following post was prompted by the story linked below.

How can arbitrary borders apply to so much human desperation. And lets be clear here. This question goes beyond the border of the nation who happens to be nearest to a particular outflow of need.

Let us also be clear that we all have at least a little blood on our hands. The endless history of conquest, colonialism, economic exploitation, and super power ideological machinations, are a testament to the fact that a significant part of the developed world had a hand in stirring the pot of instability.

The real issue, however, beyond mere shared culpability is the fact of what ignoring the suffering of others does to what keeps a loving spirit alive in humanity. The violence to that spirit simply by turning our backs on fellow sentient beings. It is immoral and unacceptable. It is the sowing of the seeds of the destruction of our species.  

And the truly sad part here is that this is just the beginning. Our selfishness and willful ignorance in the exploitation of the planet as a whole will bring even more need to every border. As the sea levels rise, as the droughts in one place, and the floods in another make areas unlivable; areas that won't care one whit about where the lines on a map are; how much more unfeeling are going to become?

The first step to take here is to recognize that we are a community of humans. A community that will not survive if we let our loving spirit die. The next step is to come to terms with the fact that the economic model championed by the West is not longer viable. It is obsolete in practical terms, but it is also antithetical to the loving spirit that makes morality possible. As such, a new organizational model must be worked out and established. And the West must lead the way.