Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vicious Thought Revolves

Too much,
ass addled,
sense angle
a dangle
of yourself,
you start a mind
context conundrum,
spiral locking
steps too emotionally
to be denied.
to cut away from
where you once stood.
Conceptualized placement
of little understanding
from which you plant
a new face of place
to throw yourself
away anew.

Emotions kicked
by the sharp points
of fevered thought
will ride you
down because
you saddled yourself
in fear based visions
and explanations devoid
of independent voice
to talk the walk
back to another way
to face an understanding.

Hold it back
to make it
stop, that
dagger dialogue
you keep stabbing
away with
to make your hated
parts so termed
and framed distasteful
even as you swallow
your pride
as fiction whole.
This voice
and the claws it forms
in the hands of letters
dipped in imaginative
bile, scrapes ever more
furrows of fertile
irritation; from which
only more destructive
digging will grow.

Do not think.
Do not filter
with this sullied sieve.
Just feel. Just
be the heart
of the beat
inside you.
Hear the air
on you skin and
what is raised
in every breath.
Taste the sound
as the leaves
in trees would have
you hear.
Picture the rivers
mighty even
in tiny tunnels
as millions of tributes
and tributaries
flowing well rooted
from the grounding
of trunks thick
with being
so slowly alive
you must be patient
as love itself
to embrace.

There is exchange and
there is power
growing all around
you, so unaware.
There is light
and there is dark
and there is movement.
Meanings far too large and
way too small for words

Questions become answers and
answers become questions
in infinite recursion.
You have heart.
You have mind.
You have choice.
Let go
reintegrate and reform
with the patience of trees.
Be the flow
and the channel.
Be the hand
that helps in reaching,
and the tactile
at the heart of touch.
You will feel.
You will know.
You will grow.
Pain and joy,
confusion and understanding,
will come
and go
each in their turn.
This is being and becoming,
never surrendering choice.
That is all there is.