Friday, October 17, 2014


What is interesting to me in this new precipice of power we will be thrown from is how we get slammed both coming and going.

It's apparently not bad enough that the people we are supposedly in charge of electing won't be appointing, or holding accountable, those who will regulate providers of services we need. No. With this new reach of insularity we, as consumers, will be left without even the ability to punish with our purchases; or lack thereof. Market control will be completed and those who are supposedly the whole point of the existence of the service in the first place will be rendered recipient slaves. 

It's pure genius really. Truly perverse genius to be sure, but still quite a triumph.

What we see here, finally, is the enshrinement of Capital's ultimate redefinition. The point of investment, and production, you see has nothing at all to do with delivering real benefit to the consumer. The consumer as both wage slave and recipient slave is merely an indentured go-between in the process to acquire profit. Just as those in the insurance business aren't really there to pay for injuries of one form or another, but for capital formulation, so now is the entire matrix of process that is Capitalism.

We are meant to be nothing more than retool-able, treadmill walkers, who make enough for ourselves to just keep us treading along, with the treadmill itself powering the generators of money. The high tiered accumulators will become the only real consumers. Those who will be able to demand, and get, the servicing they will undoubtedly believe they deserve.

The really sad thing in all of this is that we may well let them do it. Having become so inured to just shuffling along as we always have, believing what we are told, and so not seeing how much of a choice we still have here. 

An alternative is possible. We need only recognize the imperative for one, and then make the choice to stop participating in their game. Once we do that we can design an operational model that truly is "of the people, for the people."

The Daily Beast article: