Thursday, October 9, 2014


It is bad enough that money amplified speech has been miraculously equated with individual free speech. Now, it seems, amplification can come from the pit of any groups darkest fantasies, and nobody has to worry about accountability.

Yes. That should really help our political process find common ground and consensus.

They used to say that money was the way to grease the skids in order to get things done in countries where Baksheesh was was a way of life. Leave it to our form of money politics to redefine Baksheesh as a slide into a black hole that nothing of value can come out of. At least, of course, if by "value" you want it to have a connection to something meaningfully related to human need.

Information as money, or commodity, has made representational Democracy virtually impossible now. The only information that flows in the new dark of electrified Capitalism is that which has been sharpened on the ax all of the special interests have to grind. In this is the edge, engineered for maximum gain against opposing interests, that is used to chop away at how they want the opposition to be viewed. As such facade becomes both brutally disfiguring, as well as embellishment beyond mere fantasy; such sharp edges, after all, can also remove even the most ugly of truths.

If you think that this can in any way be sustainable in the long run than you are whistling in the dark. Their dark to be more specific, and it is a tune that they approved of. Something has already been cut out of you and it is unlikely you will ever get it back. I sincerely hope that this is not the case because we're going to need everybody we can get to help with climbing out of this singular darkness. 

An alternative to Capitalism is possible. Each and every one of us needs to start taking action.