Thursday, October 16, 2014


The next time you want to give some one a glimpse into what hyper consumption requires various groups to pay, point them to the BuzzFeed article linked below.

And be sure to remind them that hyper consumption is the price we all pay for having our livelihoods be dependent on jobs. There cannot be increasing amounts of jobs, after all, if things aren't consumed. And never forget that, with increasing productive capability, more is always being produced with less direct input. The glut of what can be made must be rammed down the pipeline in ever increasing rates.

So not only will vast tracks of land get gobbled up as roofed way points in the pipes, every surface of every place you go, and every means available to get there, will be beating away at your eyes, your ears and your mind. And vast sums will be spent to re-engineer the craftiest ways to get past the ever increasing, hard jaded resistance to stimuli that will ensue.

We think we know cynical indifference to everything around us now. We are fools. What is coming would frighten even the most cynical now.

The BuzzFeed article:

Warehouse Empire