Tuesday, November 28, 2017

This Display Of Civil Government Ready To Prostate Itself Before The Money Men Is Truly Disgusting

And the one example of how Chicago was going to have all worker income taxes (over a billion dollars) given to Amazon as an incentive is disgusting with a capital D.

How have we let ourselves come to believe that the current corrupt, and mutated, economic system we've been saddled with on the spurs of history is somehow sacrosanct simply because it was how things were done in the past, is a real mystery to me. After all, we used to believe that bleeding people was the best way to get rid of the vapors that were making them sick. Evidently bleeding people dry and convincing them that this is the best for all concerned is still a time honored proposition. Seeing it in that perspective, though, certainly gives a new view to what trickle down might actually be all about.

In any case, though, how can anybody deny that this absurdity is any way to continue trying to having a civil society? How can letting things come to these sorts of interactions be anything but the death throes of an old social contract. A contract, of course, that the powerful think is just fine and dandy.

So the situation is, on the surface, quite simple. If you like being bled dry then I guess you should continue prostrating yourself on the altar of big money. If you think this has gone too far then it's time to start doing something about it. And as far as I am concerned the only thing to do is form a completely new political party: The Libertarian Socialists. The party that would be dedicated to forming the Grand Compromise, eliminating Capitalism, and renegotiating our Constitution so that people don't have to associate with anyone they don't want to; reforming ourselves into a Federation of nearly self sufficient city states whose citizens run things themselves, sharing in the labor to keep it all going so as to be able to share not only city instrumentality, but the net output for personal production of needed end use items. The choice is yours.


A review of some of the bids to woo Amazon’s HQ2 to other cities and states shows it’s not all about the money. In some cases democracy itself is a bargaining chip.