Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Millennials Need Look No Further Than Here

And just keep in mind this one fact: In order for this to be a really different third party its going to have to have some deep commitment to a completely different set of ideals than we've seen so far in the traditional two parties. Because we know what they stand for; even if it's only lackluster support from the Democrats; the protection of the entrenched money interests that have ruled not only our country now for so long, but the rest of the planet now, for all practical purposes.

Not only are you going to get something as deeply committed to real, substantive policies as my new Libertarian Socialists, they will be policies founded on a comprehensive new analysis of just where we are now with all of this new technology making life so much more complicated. Because that is what has happened to Capitalism. All of those technologies have added to the fact that we are now in a completely new operating environment. One that demands not only new ways of structuring social organization, but new ways for us to be involved with how we keep the social covenant going; precisely because new ways of storing, moving and utilizing information give us a different way of seeing and understanding reality itself. A way that can no longer tolerate the mechanistic, segmented, and narrowly focused thinking that formed Capitalism.

That is why we can no longer consider things in isolation, but as integrated parts of complex, interactive systems; systems where pretty much everything else can have an affect on any other part of the greater matrix of interlinked systems overall; hence the advent of holistic thinking, and the need to understand our special purpose within this complexity.

This is also why these posts come to you as a combination of two blogs; one to discuss the obsolescence of Capitalism, and the other to discuss the related philosophy that I had to develop to go along with this comprehensive call for change.

We need this new party as well because it is likely to be the only way we are ever going to muster the collective will we will need in order to save this planet, and the biodiversity that made us possible in the first place. And we can do that because this may wall be the only way we can work a Grand Compromise between the forces of the Political Right, and Left.

I urge you to give this considerable thought. Do you really think we'll be able to compromise our way out now with the way money has so poisoned every aspect of civil discourse, and any kind of commitment to the greater good, as well as to individual rights? I certainly do not see how. And I defy anybody to come up with a formulation, given our existing circumstances, that will work.

The choice, as always, dear reader is yours.

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