Friday, June 26, 2015

More good news in relation to establishing a hydrogen fuel enconomy

This is from "...nickel-iron oxide catalysts that can be right next to each other. When supplied with 1.5 volts of electricity, the system operates at 82% efficiency..."

They weren't saticfied with that, however. They also took a page out  of Lithium Ion batteries to come up with a way to use "...a technique common in battery research called lithium-induced electrochemical tuning to make the catalyst material more conductive and stable. Lithium ions were used to break down the catalyst into smaller particles, which means more surface area exposed to the water and more active sites for catalyzing the water-splitting reaction..."

Not only would large, centralized, electrolysis generation plants benefit from this discovery, small, distributed units would as well. This might well open up a number of new applications for localized energy storage, as well as integrated waste water, energy recycling units. Very exciting indeed.