Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another example of how information is gold, and sustenance.

The following post was prompted by the article linked below.

The battle, described in this article, that swirls around the research, and the conclusions to be drawn from it, for what ought to constitute a healthy diet, is quite telling. Especially as how said research is now trying to expand laterally to include the carbon load a given food source inputs into the environment.

Heaven forbid that any thought of the connection between the health of the planet and our health be brought into the mix of food and commerce. And be assured, the "Big Money" in these sectors of the economy are ready to spend serious cash to quash any such predilections.

Your betters don't want any such facts swirling about to confuse you. They know whats best. They have a firmer grip on the "Big Picture" than you will ever have.

It basically boils down to this: You must work to kill yourself so that you will be employed, and thus able to continue purchasing until you die. Dying sooner is good for the economy because it takes pressure off both the market to create more jobs, as well as the give-a-ways most of the rest of us call SSI or pension funds.

See how neatly it all fits together.

The billion dollar battle for your plate

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