Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Last Gasp Of The Democratic Party

Let's be clear. The Democratic Party still has a role to play here as we face what ought be seen as our collective, as a species, moment of existential crisis. And that is to make sure we all vote Democratic, just as Mr. Comey has suggested, come the midterm elections.

And just as clear is the notion that we are way beyond "draining" cliches. Now it is time to simply flush the toilet that has become our House of Representatives so as to clear out all the turds with legs, and arms, and money fueled mouths that have spewed such unbelievable filth about our institutions, and the professionals who try to do public service in them. That absolutely has to happen.

After that, however, is another matter altogether.

The problem for the Democrats is that there is nobody who can win on a middle ground platform. And that is for the obvious reason that if there were a middle ground way to successfully run this toxic, mutated monster, we now call an economy, it would have been found already. In point of fact, middle ground, and all of the not really able to define what that ought to be, now that our operating environment is so different, is a big part of why the last person who tried it lost. That and the fact that she had no other really inspiring message to convey at all in the first place. All in the face of most working Americans having endured the last twenty years or so giving the economy an amazing growth in productivity, but getting no real wage growth out of it, as well as a "Great Recession," just to let us know how much the system cares about us. Which was only eight years or so after a major Dot Com bust that also left a lot of us out in the economic cold.

Going to the left, naturally, seems like the only alternative now. And in many respects that is the case in an objective sense, but it is not something that can be done in isolation with the conservatism that still exists in this country, and is still a major part of it, even if it is in great disarray. And in this the left ignores the idea of balance at their peril.

In a sense here the left has to both go all the way to the left, but also, all the way to right, in order to create a compromise government that has any chance of actually getting this country back into leadership role it was always meant to have. It has to go all the way to the left in the sense that it has to understand that Capitalism is done. It is over. It is caput. Finished. And it absolutely must be gotten rid of.

On the other hand, though, we must bring the Libertarian element of the right to the table with us. For it is the Libertarian right that best expresses the best parts of what it means to have rights and responsibilities, as an individual citizen. And it is also the Libertarian right who would have the most to lose if we were to go the kind of Authoritarian Capitalism that seems to be sparking much of the base of our de facto ex president's cabal of always changing support.

If we can make a strong alliance between these two, former antagonists, we can get the middle to come along because they won't have anywhere else to go; especially when former extremists are seen to be the ones now working for both practical, and heartfelt, compromise.

The bottom line here, in my biased opinion, is that we will not be able to save this planet, nor our species, if we do not do this. It is really just that simple. Difficult to carry out, without question, but there just is nothing else for it. And I can say that after working on this for over 20 years.

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