Monday, July 30, 2018

Shared Masterbation Might Make The Very Difficult Politics Of Compromise A Lot Easier To Do

And I know you are either laughing, or at least smirking, at this suggestion. But it is, nevertheless, quite true.

I have posted on this before, though for the life of me I can't remember the precise one, or the key phrases from it. Hopefully someone enterprising, and not fully read up yet here, will locate it for me and share that with us (doesn't hurt to ask for help after all).

In any case, though, the point here is that, if we could come up with a way to do group, shared masterbation, and do it anonmyously so that only the genitals are exposed, and also do it with some emphasis on formality, and a higher purpose to be served, it could be a genuinely important tool to take the edge off negotiations; especially if a lot of testosterone is involved.

This would be even more so if we could link sexual climax with the transcendent power of letting go of the our identities for a brief period as the mystics trained themselves to do with higher levels of meditation, and what drugs like LSD can do in one fell swoop. It is in that transcendent act that I believe lies the possibility of not only receiving information across vast arrays of so called boundaries, back and forth over every scale of consideration, from the inside out, to the outside in; that not only is that possible, but also that this "conditioning" serves to improve the individual in ways I have barely scratched the surface on.

So. Smirk, or laugh all you want. I believe that I am living proof that transcendent meditation has real benefit. Just think what we could do as a species if we could lock down addiction itself in a positive sexual outlet, and get a transcendent, improving experience out of it as well. If you have any imagination at all, you will see this as the tremendous opportunity it is to further, and better, the human condition. And maybe even have a lot more good sex in the bargain.


I went looking for other men who consider mutual masturbation an important sexual experience in its own right.

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