Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An Important Aspect of How the Post Capitalism City State will be Largely Self Supporting

Agricultural composed of enormous amounts of land, as well as the corresponding amounts of water and chemicals to make it viable, have always presented a big problem in my mind as regards the viability of nearly self sufficient city states; assuming, of course, such states being relatively limited in size. New thinking in how to approach the growing of what we need, however, offers ample fodder for alternatives.

This is important not only because of physical limitations, but also because of the desirability to be as efficient as possible in all areas of citizen managed production of whatever basics you might want to consider; especially as one broadens the scope of what constitutes efficiency. You  need only to remember that the alternative I've envisioned for Capitalism is expressed as an effort based economy, as opposed to a cost based economy, to understand why efficiency is important.

As such, you can see why new developments on the agriculture front always give me hope for what will be possible in the future where we are both the managers, and the workers, of our community's production capabilities.

The Future Of Farming Will Involve No Soil, 95% Less Water, And Trippy LED Lights