Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Contrast of Themes from Wired and Others

In one breath we're told of such awesome power that the very way we view what is a special day or not is at the touch of one entity. And in the next we glimpse the taking away of infrastructure because communities can no longer afford to maintain it; even as another powerful entity creates infrastructure for its own purposes. What do these have in common?

It is the enshrinement of cost as the holiest of hollies; either as what the lessening of what we have to pay for baubles of whatever type, or for the provision of service infrastructure someone else pays for, and us thinking there is no social cost involved.

And in this twist of cost bait and switch we fail to see how it creates its own dynamic of wage suppression so that everything that is socially beneficial is either done away with, or given over to the interests of parties who gain in ways we simply close our eyes to. We close our eyes and fail to consider that what is at the very essence of a "cost" based form of economy is an operating model that we could do away with if we would but see not only what it is actually doing to us, but that there is an alternative made possible by the very technologies that have made that model obsolete in the first place.

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