Friday, August 14, 2015

The Oxymoron as product

This provided Alternet article serves to illustrate just how crazy electrified Capitalism has become. To the list of "Reality TV," "Uncompromised Political Candidates," "Free Markets," and "an Informed Electorate," as things we buy into we can now add "Wellness." Oh joyous day indeed.

That a system that is anything but conducive to the true attainment of well being could have the crust to sell us this notion should surprise no one. They have, after all, convinced us of the need to buy water no more pure than anything found at a sink or fountain, and in containers that simply boggle any kind of ecological thinking. Just as they've sold us on the notion that we are free, assuming you understand that freedom in this context means the ability to chose to work or not work, regardless of how shitty, outright unhealthy, disconnected or insufficient to actually live on that work may be. You are also free to worry, or not worry about keeping that questionable employment regardless of whether you, and the ones you love, may be left out on the street, and in even more harms way than before. Lucky you!

So rejoice dear readers and go out and buy a big can of "Wellness," and a super sized helping of "Happy."

"Wellness" is making us sick: How corporate America's favorite mantra leaves us all feeling inadequate

“Wellness” is making us sick: How corporate America’s favorite mantra leaves us all feeling inadequate

Mindfulness has become a tool to distract us from societal ills and further enrich our corporate overlords