Monday, August 10, 2015

The Connections Between Seemingly Isolated Symptoms

You might tend to think that these three articles from represent isolated aspects of what troubles our nation, and our planet. They aren't of course. They are simply different views of how an obsolescent operating model orchestrates ills on so many fronts; an orchestration mandated by the integration of singular self interests with the requirements of profit, cost reduction, and the preservation of already accumulated gains. And where such requirements are persued with absolute priority over pretty much everything else one might consider in a heirarchy of priorities.

If you do not recognize this then you are either part of the singularly self interested, one of the many "occupied by distraction," or one of the "hopelessly burned out" by the many distractions that are the true employment of the rest of us; where, of course, occuapation is a plodding combination of consumption and tasking, making sure we are useful on both ends of a munching machine we are not meant to truly benefit from. We are simply the grit that keeps it going.

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