Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Entitled people spewing crap about entitlements

The following post was prompted by the article linked below.

It just amazes me how a targeted withholding ordinary working folks pay into for an ongoing, after work, support system, can be called an entitlement program; especially by folks who have made an art form of proliferating corporate entitlements. The very people who wouldn't pay for any of the wars they waged, and who's subsequent deficits sucked the SSI surplus dry. This is hypocrisy on an order of magnitude you have to wonder how the words they utter don't turn ash the moment they try to bring them forth.

And don't even try to give me this trash that the Democrats are the saviors of all things concerning social justice. They are certainly good at providing lip service to such things, but unbelievably inept at delivering the goods. Either you believe that most of them have noodles for spines, as well as being incompetent, or that they play the part of the good cop, to the Republicans bad cop, as they suck from the same Big Money nipple as everybody else.

The real problem here is that we continue with a system that allows for Big Money to exist in the first place. An operating system that has gone past its use by date a long time ago.

Chris Christie Sells 'Hard Truths' on Social Security Reform