Saturday, April 11, 2015

More open source songs

Some of you may have seen these already but I thought I might add them to the list of songs that everybody can make a stab at doing better.

As with the other open source lyrics the idea here is to allow one and all a chance to put their own stamp on how they think the lyrics should be expressed. I am hoping for a lot of interesting variations.

Here is the link list:

The Three Leaps of Life.mp3

The Three Leaps of Life.wav

Mickie's Man.wma

Old Mans Lament.mp3

Old Mans Lament2.mp3

Buyers Remorse.mp3

The Devil With Details.mp3


The Bull And The Shit.mp3


Can You Lend an Invisible Hand.mp3

You Think.mp3


The Struggle.mp3