Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Humans As Machine Tools

The real issue here is not with innovation, in and of itself. It is, rather, a good deal more to do with the human cost of an ever increasing pace of innovation. It is not easy going through the steps one must take to gain access to a particular path of paid endeavor. And once you do, and especially after you've taken on obligations dependent on continued renumeration, having the rug suddenly pulled out from under you is not something to look forward to. That's simply human nature, as well as cold reality.

As the pace of innovation continues to increase the rate at which the wet ware is expected to retool becomes ever more absurd. And this is in both a psychological, as well as a purely economic, sense. Putting on, and then shedding, skill/tool sets as if we were nothing more than socket wielding robots is a future no sane person would anticipate with relish.

The real question we should be asking ourselves is why we accept any system that would create such contradictions in the first place. Any more than thinking that, with information as money, we're going to be allowed to have even the pretense of a one person, one vote, democracy.