Thursday, November 13, 2014

Choice is a miracle

Everything gives
off of a certain
kindness of light,
if you would
but have the will
to see as much
as the eye of mind
would feel
of this warmth,
or know
what is real
in illumination.

That one
better candle,
you keep burning
is what makes
the giving heart
that would
love too much
for any blinding
black to curse
the darkness
we make all
about ourselves.

Find the connection
every day
to feel
what is always
with the right
mind of reflection
all around you.

Meaning is
fleeting, so
always be
ready to let go
and trust
in your faith
of self
and its part
in the place
of so much
divine process,
making and being
with wondrous friction.

The pain will be just
as fleeting
as the pleasure,
and just
as necessary.
That's the rub
you see
that is
giving, life as
the miracle of choice
what light or dark
we make of it.